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I love podcasting.

How freaking cool is today's technology? I fear tremendously for all of our jobs, futures and children but hot damn I love podcasting and the simplicity of sharing my thoughts with millions instantly.  There are so many interesting people to learn from and I can get to them all quick enough! If you have a suggestion for someone I should talk to feel free to drop their name (and preferably contact info) below! 


Dan Tramontozzi - Virality for Non-Profit Success

Founder - Pin Cancer


Founded in 2011 Pin Cancer has been generating a lot of buzz using some great modern marketing techniques. From Facebook quizzes and ads to Google's adWords Dan has been able to leverage all sorts of modern tactics. We took a look at how he got started, why his business model shifted and how he started using marketing to grow his brand. 


Upcoming Schedule of Interviews:

03/08/17 - Dan Tramontozzi - Virality for Non-Profit Success


03/10/17 - Loki Mole -  Socialism and the Economy

3/12/17 - Erza Ezeekial Green - Transgender & Gender Neutrality in America

3/14/17 - Josh Arizmendi - Give Us Your Poor, Your Weak and Wretched: A Plan for America's Homeless

3/16/17 - Brian Mallan - Grow The Bone: Ecology, Hunting and Conservation