it does the mind good.

I think, therefore I write.

I enjoy the practice of writing to free ideas from my brain.  My writing is nothing short of a creative studio where lumps of semi-molded ideas perch waiting for the next refinement. These are living, breathing documents which are subject to updates, changes and the evolution of my own beliefs. There are many categories I choose to write within. I hope you enjoy exploring my brain! 



Industrial Trends, Technology & Marketing

For Builders & Makers

Who's business can adapt to today's market? What's the next disruptive force? In my professional life I help small businesses compete with big businesses by helping tap into the power of their authentic story, business network and personal community.


Government, Society, Existence & Reality

For Thinkers & Tinkers

Why think if not to question? Let's tear apart everything and put it all back together, under a microscope, telescope from a plane, on a train. There is no limit to the amount of exploration every idea deserves. Help me dissect what we call life.


Color, Line, Movement, Meaning & Expression

For Artists & Creatives

What can be we make another feel? What can we make another think? Can we design things to both satisfy the ultimate user experience and our personal aesthetic desires? I love solving a client's need without sacrificing great creativity. Let's explore the digital age.


Lyrics/Poetry, Movie Scripts & Fictional Stories

For Movers & Shakers

When is it okay to dream? I believe dreaming is best while awake. I tend to forget those while I sleep. When I am bored I tend to write any number of things. Come experience the wildest sides of my imagination. You've been warned.